Meet Front Desk

Dental Assistant

Kiya H.

After working in a dental office during high school, Kiya realized her interest in dentistry. As a dental assistant, Kiya seeks to ensure her patients are comfortable at each appointment. Most rewarding to her is seeing a patient with a confident smile after treatment and empowering them to take control of their dental care. Kiya thoroughly enjoys working with the team at Village Family Dental Spa and always looks forward to making her patients’ dental experiences better


Treatment Manager/ Patient Coordinator

Brittney C.

Brittney found her way into the dentistry field through her passion for helping others. As a patient coordinator, she enjoys walking her patients through their visit from the initial phone call up until they walk out the front door after a great dental experience. Brittney looks forward to coming into work each day knowing she’ll be working with a tremendous team and she’ll be able to help her patients attain the healthy and beautiful smile they deserve.

Media Marketing

Amanda B.

Amanda is a great team player that loves making sure that we are widely know in our area. She spends a large number of youth time in the social networking sites and companies. She also  understands the potential of Village Family Dental Spa and uses these platforms as an effective marketing tool.